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Owl Cake

As a surprise birthday present I decided in my madness to create an Owl Cake for a friend’s daughter. Now I’m sure I could have gone for an easier shape, however I have always been interested trying to make a 3D shaped cake! Well this is how it turned out….

Owl Cake

 There was not much left at the end of our little celebration!
Here’s how I did it:

Firstly I baked two Madeira cakes separately in Pyrex bowls….

Pyrex Bowl Cake

One of my neighbours popped over for some cocoa powder when she noticed both cakes side by side, I teased her into thinking they were boobie/bra cakes! (maybe not quite appropriate for the birthdayee!)

So I then worried where the cake would be sliced when served, so I decided to cut the cake into layers so where ever the cake was cut from no one would be without filling!


I then put both halves together to form a ball with butter cream in between each slice..slciess

Smooth over the whole cake…Cover in butter creamTime to add ears..EarsSmooth off as much as time allows (not much time in my case!)…Alien cakeThen the best bit – to ice it!

owly cakeIts a bit lop sided and quirky! Kinda cute tho!

I will post madeira in bowl recipe…as it’s useful for most 3D cakes…. although I’m now tempted to make a boobie cake..who for?? That’s the question!