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Skateboard Cake

Skateboard CakeSo this is my latest cake – which I have to say has been my most challenging yet!! Please bear in mind when reading this that these are all done as a bit of fun so there for are not perfect/professional pieces – I just love being creative and having a go!!

The best bit about making surprise birthday cakes is the look on their face when you walk in, candles blazing singing happy birthday – especially when you have done your research and the theme/shape of the cake is something they’re into! All the worries you have whilst making/decorating the cake are definitely worth it!

The trickiest part was having the skateboard balance on a plinth – as I was determined I wanted this to be the right way up. Well as I found out this is much harder than the idea seemed in my head! I also disheartened my self half way through believing I had created a cargo ship cake! Although I am happy with the end result – especially the taste!

So here are a few of the stages….

Firstly I baked two chocolate fudge cake square sponges – Recipe to be added shortly..


Both of the sponges are cut into long rectangles to form a skateboard shape.  Butter cream is used to fill the middle and coated all over the top and sides.

IMG_2625(this is the imaginary stages – where I forgot to take photos!) The off cuts of sponge are the cut into triangles and added to either side of the cake to raise the edges. At this point the whole cake is refrigerated over night.

Top tip: Refrigerating your butter creamed cake over night allows for easier smoothing/shaping/carving and covering in fondant. Over night the butter cream and cake temporarily firm up – softening again once warmed up to room temperature.

This is the Cargo ship cake…
cargo ship

So my next challenge was to make wheels…


As you can see need to be significantly increased in size…

Ta da! Pre graffiti of course..

plain skateboard cakeand heres the final piece…!!

Skateboard Cake