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Cooking challenge – Home Made Crumpets

Inspired by Delicious magazines article on how to make crumpets..

IMG_1063I Just had to have a go!
I have always loved crumpets and have been intrigued how they create their unique texture. Well here goes – it takes a bit of patience but once you have mastered the first one they are just so tasty – much better than any bought version. Mmm..Just writing this makes me hungry for a crumpet with melted cheese…..mmmm

Crupet baking

I think mine have turned are fairly smilar looking to the article don’t you think?!
Now its not very often I can say that…

crumpet panFinnished Crumpet

Go on have a go at making these…..its in the delicious magazine or the recipe is here… http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/6039/crumpets