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Chocolate Muffins

When giving a gift or token of thanks, I prefer to do it in form of baking. That way more effort and thought has gone into the gift, and as its edible its not just going to end up as clutter! My most recent gift (yesterday) was a box of four milk chocolatey muffins two decorated in white chocolate frosting and two in milk chocolate.

A new recipe for the muffins -(heres the link)  Halloween Ghost Cupcakes on the BBC Food recipes. They turned out a lighter milk chocolatey sponge (great for kids) but not quite as chocolaty or rich as my Deep Chocolate Brownie Muffins though! I used my own frosting on Chocolate Brownie Muffins as the frosting mentioned is lovely but has a tendency to melt in the car on the way to dropping off the gift! To make the white chocolate frosting I simply exchanged melted dark chocolate for white.
Chocolate Muffins

Chocolate Muffin Gift

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