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At the end of last week one of my neighbours daughters wanted to bake a cake as a surprise for one of her friends birthday. So we got together and decided it should include lots of chocolate, horses and KatKats as they look rather cool in the Pigs in Mud Cake.

Horse cake

So our cake uses my Gooey Chocolate Fudge Cake recipe for the sponge and an edited version of the ganache for this recipe.

300g Milk chocolate
248ml single cream
2 tbsp Golden Castor sugar
200g icing sugar
2 table spoons of creme fraiche

Break the chocolate into a glass bowl. Heat the cream and sugar in a pan on a low heat until hot but not boiling. Pour the hot cream into the broken chocolate and mix with a wooden spoon until melted smooth. Add icing sugar gradually then adding the creme fraiche. Slice the cake horizontally though the middle and fill with ganache. Then cover the cake starting at the top working down the sides with a spatula.

Surround the cake with kitkats placed vertically into the bottom of the icing and pushed slightly inwards so each kitkat sticks to the icing. Then top with what ever you choose – pigs in mud – horse in a field….use your imagination.

chocolate horse cakefondant horse