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Here is one I made earlier!

This cake was one of my first fondant cakes made about a year ago, it was made for one of my friends sons who at the time, loved the ‘I like trains song‘ a u tube hit! He could also sing and play it rather well! So as a surprise I made him…yes you guessed it! A train cake…

Train cake

I made 4 small square Madeira sponges which were refrigerated before use so they would be firmer and easier to carve. Once I had shaped the sponges I then filled the middle with vanilla butter cream before covering the whole surface of the sponges with butter cream then cooling once again.

Using a palet knife I smoothed over the butter cream as much as my patience would allow. I then covered each half with the green and blue fondant icing followed by the other layers of colour on top.

For the candy trailer I filled the top of the trailer with butter cream followed by smarties covering the surface.

birthday train cake

train cake