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This all started back during the christmas school holidays when some friends and I decided it was time after all of our social events leading up to christmas, parties, meeting up and generally eating lots of yummy things – we should change! Especially as we each had gained a few pounds over the christmas period! These were some of the steps we aimed to take (new years resolutions)….

  1. To not buy in any more party food (especially processed ones you cook in the oven!)
  2. Do Zumba for at least 12 weeks on a daily basis using our home DVD box set
  3. Generally drink less or not at all through the week

So I know what you all thinking “yeah, yeah..resolutions are made to be broken!” – well not these. I am proud to say unbelievably we have kept up Zumba since 2nd January until..now and were still going – in fact theres no stopping us! 6:30 am we start for half an hour mid week, then an hour on saturday and sunday. I think we have honestly only missed a handful over the entire five months, not bad at all!

Party food – we have kinda stuck to that, providing veg hummus etc along with the usual crisps on our friday night meet up!

Drinking less well yes we have tried to keep this going, although honestly it fails when it comes to the end of half term and most people are in need of a few tipples!

This has lead to me loosing nearly a stone in weight, however I think I have now plateaued a bit even though we are eating very healthily – lots of home made veg soups and salads with only the odd bit of baking!

So for my next challenge – started today.. keep up all of the above, plus add in the 30 day shred for at least 30 days. (video below) Hopefully by then il be addicted like I am to Zumba! Any body fancy doing the challenge along side me?? See how you can change your body – loose inches or just tone up those abs and flabs!?

Here is the 30 day shred part one… 10 days of this..

Part two.. another 10 days

Part three…10 days

Wish me luck! let me know if your going to join me in my journey…