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Crumbed Pesto Topped Salmon

baked pesto salmon

I love salmon and could eat it every day if wasn’t in such a terrible state of decline. There also seems to be a lot of controversy over wether we should eat farmed or wild? As eating wild seem to encourage the decline, eating farmed – well this website How stuff works puts it better..

You might think eating farmed salmon helps the wild ones, but wild-caught Alaskan salmon or Marine Certified Species (MCS) salmon is actually a better bet. By looking for the MCS label, you’re ensuring the fish you eat comes from a sustainable source. Eating farmed fish simply encourages the harmful practices many fish farms engage in, which endanger the wild populations in the first place. If you do choose farmed fish, look for those that are farmed in open sea conditions and avoid using wild-caught fish as feed.

So now whenever possible I try to swap salmon with other fish which are not in quite such decline. Any white fish will work for this recipe along with trout and Monkfish. Although sometimes you can’t beat fresh salmon…

I made this recipe last night and its seriously good…..

2 salmon fillets skinned (or other fish)
2 tbsp basil Pesto (tomato or red pepper also work!)
2 tbsp creme fraiche (or cream cheese)
3 tbsp fresh white breadcrumbs
Good handful of grated parmesan cheese

Pre heat the oven to 108 200 fan, then take two good sized pieces of foil to wrap your salmon up in. Place the salmon on top flesh facing upwards.

Meanwhile to make the topping – mix two tablespoons of the breadcrumbs, pesto, creme fraiche, and parmesan in a small bowl. Spread the mixture in a layer on top of each salmon followed by sprinkling on the remaining breadcrumbs on top.

baked pesto salmon

Close the top of each parcel then place on a baking tray for 10 minutes. open the foil top and bake for another ten minutes until salmon is just cooked through and still moist!

baked pesto salmon

Serve on fresh salad leaves with lightly buttered linguine, wild rice or fresh bread! Enjoy! 🙂

baked pesto salmon