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Mozzarella, Tomato and Mushroom Polenta

Ok so I realise the first thought from most of you will be “Urgh! Polenta gross!!” completely understandable when you have had it served in a great plain lump or just cooked and salted! So I have quite a challenge ahead to convince most of you of how incredibly nice this recipe and ingredient really is.

My mission recently has been to try out new ingredients – be more experimental and not fall into the habit eating the same old recipes week in week out. This includes using ingredients which have dodgy reputations!

baked polenta

So having been tempted to buy polenta in the supermarket as it sat there alone next to the couscous, (which is what I was really there for) with no recipe in hand I thought – there must be a recipe in which can use whatever ingredients I have lying around! Whilst having coffee with an unconvinced neighbour and I googled polenta and found this recipe by Stylist.co.uk. Knowing that this could be either a success or failure, at least I was safe in knowledge that if it was awful I could always pop over there for some chicken enchiladas!!

The end result was that good I even took a small ramekin round to my neighbour and she devoured it in seconds – now that says something!!

Original recipe: Polenta Bake With Feta, Tomato and Mushrooms mine is a variation on the original recipe which claims to be a total of 250 calories per serving!! Talk about healthy!


My Version

Serves six (photos show just a small single portion made for me)
150g dried polenta
50g butter
a few shakes of aromat or a stock cube
50g cheddar
100g mushrooms sliced
150g cherry tomatoes
1 ball mozzarella
mixed baby salad leaves

Pre heat the grill to high. Prepare 750ml of hot stock, then place the butter polenta and stock into an oven proof frying pan over a medium heat stiring quickly to prevent any lumps.

baked polenta

baked polenta

Once bubbling remove from the heat and mix in the cheddar.
Scatter the mushrooms followed by the tomatoes then tear the mozzarella on top.

Place the pan under the hot grill for 10 to 12 mins. Remove from the grill and serve scattered with baby salad leaves – Most of all enjoy!!


baked polenta