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The Boob cake 

Well here it is, as promised in a much earlier post when I had learnt how to make a cake in a pyrex bowl! Owl Cake

The idea for this particular party came about after a couple of our nieghbours had met up for one of our friday night get togethers. It was one of those really nice evenings having a catch up after we had all been away over various points in the last month. With Ben (my husband) due to record his guitar album that week, at the get together one of our neighbours Sue had asked if he could play guitar for her. (being a few glasses down we decided maybe another evening!) So an idea was sparked to do a mini living room concert at Sues house! This would let Sue hear Ben playing his album, celebrate everybody coming back from their holidays and of course Sues birthday!
As Sue has a wonderful sense of humour and after a few jokes that evening it was clear this had to be the cake!!I loved seeing everybody’s reaction when it was brought out! (considering most people had no idea!) Big smiles and a lot of laughter…

Boob Cake 

Breast cake

Boob Cake Breast cake Bra cake

Boob Cake

Mini Concert

The concert was lovely with lots of complements on Ben’s playing and great feedback on the album. This certainly helped give Ben that extra buzz just before the recording and mastering which can be very trying and all time consuming at times! Now the albums complete – just awaiting on me to finnish designing the packaging and artwork!



We shall have some sound clips available as a preview shortly! Follow Ben Draper on Twitter for more info . Char x