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Autumn Gin recipes

Just in time for some foraging in the bushes – here are my Gin recipes made yesterday and over the weekend. Its such an easy thing to make and incredibly satisfying in the end to drink. I personally tend to add more sugar than is mentioned on these recipes as I personally prefer the gin on the sweeter side. By adding another 100g – 150g  it becomes a drink that can be served undiluted – more like a wine. Although I must warn you that you have to be a bit restrained and remember the alcohol content is definitely much much higher than any wine!!!  The recipes below also do not require a particularly good quality gin – perhaps not the cheapest but a medium quality usually does the job.

If it is out of the picking season frozen will apparently do – I have to say I have never used frozen myself but it should work just the same.

Blackberry, Damson and Orange Damson Gin Recipes

Blackberry Gin
350g blackberries
200g granulated sugar
(I like quite a sweet gin so you can use 125g if preferred)
70cl gin

Damson and Orange Gin
500g damsons
4pieces of orange rind (fresh)
175g sugar
70cl gin

Damson Gin
500g damsons
175g sugar
70cl gin

Sterilise a good size bottle or kilner jar by placing on a good temperature in the dishwasher or placing on its side in the oven for 20 mins at the lowest heat or by placing it freshly washed (still slightly wet in the microwave for a minute.

Then place the fruit into the jar followed by the sugar then the gin – you may need to wait for air bubbles to rise before filling fully.  Tightly fit the lid and shake until the sugar is mixed up a bit. Store in a cool dark place, turning the bottle to mix weekly foe three months. You can drink it now or strain into sterilised bottles and enjoy boozy fruit on ice cream in the meantime! 🙂

Blackberry, Damson and Orange Damson Gin RecipesBlackberry, Damson and Orange Damson Gin Recipes