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The perfect poached egg…

Thanks to the help of a fellow blogger after many years of resigned failure I have now officially mastered egg poaching! The post Frisee and Lardon Salad with a Poached Egg explained clearely where I went wrong! Thanks to Fleur de Se!l

Poached egg
The poached egg has always been my nemesis – having taking advice form many people and websites, I have failed miserably to get the perfect poached egg! Its not that I over cook it, I use the secrets like ‘create a whirl pool before pouring the egg in from a cup and use white wine vinegar. And boy did I create a whirl pool at a really good rolling boil unfortunately being so vigorous ended in yolk perfectly cooked but with all the white floating in strands around the pan! Yuk!

Having been inspired by this blog post I thought I would try again see if I could master my nemesis and if it really was as simple as slow down. Watching nervously as I poured my egg into the slightly spinning water I was amazed that the egg just stayed perfectly in place – so excited I nearly forgot to time it! I am so easily pleased!

So here it is as far as I understand it

Crack your egg into a cup. bring a pan up to a simmer (tiny bubbles appearing and coming up from the bottom every so often) with wooden spoon stir water in a slow circular motion to create a whirlpool ( not too much like me!) pour the egg into the middle of the spinning water then time for 3and a half minutes and carefully spoon out.

Any other hints tips let me know!

Poached egg