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The very late season of the tomatoes….


The tomato season is here – admittedly a little late although I am hoping for a heat wave this week especially to ripen all nine my green tomato plants! Having grown these from seed this year I have not done too badly as each plant is quite literally dripping with lush firm unripe green tomatoes and still flowering! I have tried the brown paper bag method – picking some of the largest placing some on the window sill and some in a dark drawer. Today they are still there firm and green – so unless anybody has any miracle suggestions I am going to make green chutney for the second year running! Help! Do let me know if you have any hints or tips or interesting new chutney recipes?

Heirloom tomato tartlets

These beautiful tomatoes were given to me by a friend who has poly tunnels full of successful tomatoes! If only I had the space, I would be in growing heaven and probably be so distracted I wouldn’t get any work done!

Tomato and Rosemary Tartlets

(Recipe by by Helene Dujardine)

Have a look at Tartelette Helene Dujardine’s blog – she is a fantastic cook and photographer all rolled into one with a really interesting blog.

Here is a link to her recipe – http://www.tarteletteblog.com/2012/07/recipe-gluten-free-heirloom-tomato.html

Heirloom tomato tartlets Heirloom tomato tartlets Heirloom tomato tartlets Heirloom tomato tartlets Heirloom tomato tartlets