Exciting, chaotic and Mr Mill….

Its been exciting times and chaos here recently to be honest! In the madness there is exciting news that along with my existing job in our company I have been offered the job of working along side a friend in a newly opening local cafe – opening nov 2013! (exact date to be confirmed!) I will be selling, serving and of course making some of the yummy cakes, bakes, jacket potatoes, baguettes and much more!! So of course I expect every one to come along and sample some of the goodies all served on gorgeous vintage china! Is that not tempting?!?

Chaos – well we have had the tiniest of leaks coming from a hole in the grout of our shower. Unknown to us this has obviously happened for many months only showing itself over the weekend in the form of a wet patch on the bedroom carpet of the adjoining wall to the shower. So a plumber came around on monday to investigate – then again on wednesday after water started appearing on the living room ceiling.  The extent of the damage only apparent after removing a few of the shower tiles finding everything completely rotten the wall, (plaster board and insulation), the underlay, carpet and skirting board of our bedroom! Its amazing what damage a small pinprick hole can do! I have to say at this point were pleased to be renting and not having to foot the bill for this one considering the entire shower facia, surrounding tiles, carpet and underlay will have to be replaced. Its pants for the landlords but I guess its learning for us, one of the many things to be aware of when we finally come to buying and living in our own house! Heres hoping its fixed for next thursday when we have visitors – My Sister, husband and my two gorgeous nieces!!

MillMr Mill

On another note I thought I would introduce you to Mr Mill our Maine Coon Cat…we have had him for nearly seven years and is some where between 9 and 12 – (55 -70 years old!) but as he was a rescue theres no real telling…but we love him!!

Mr Mill

cats eye