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Oh Comely’s November Care Package Project

Oh comelys swap

I love this idea – your paired up with another random person who enjoys this fab magazine – or not i guess as its open to anyone! I have taken part! Woop!!

So here is how it works…..each person sends a unique parcel –  the parcel criteria…

Something personal. Eg: a favourite family recipe, a good book you’ve just finished, a playlist of your favourite music.

An inspiring snippet. Eg: newspaper clipping, a photo or illustration you love, the lyrics to a song that strike home.

A wintry treat. Eg: a pair of gloves, your favourite tea, a mini hot-water bottle. The spending guide for each box is £10.

Be creative – if you include a letter you might even start a pen-friendship! Inject it with colours, scents, flavours; make something that you would be pleased to receive. Think outside the – dare we say it – box, and most importantly have fun.

I love this! I have soo many ideas for little unique gifts!

So if you do too feel the same take part! here is the link! http://www.ohcomely.co.uk/blog/755