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“Roasted whole celeriac instead of meat? Really??” I hear you say – but yes- really its absolutely delicious and is a great alternative meat! As it roasts it mellows in taste drawing in the surrounding flavours so its not in any way bland but still holds enough texture for it to be the main ‘roast’.  Jamie oliver calls this dish ‘Zombie Brains’ as admittedly when purchased its not exactly the most attractive veg a bit brain looking but the taste blows all that away. We served slices of this on creamy mushroom and garlic barley. Best of all its very easy…. Mmmm…whole roasted celeriac


Place the celeriac in a double layer of foil and add in your herbs – I used 4 bay leaves a good handful of thyme or rosemary, 4 garlic cloves, glug of olive oil and a good wedge of butter! (if fancy serving with basil risotto half a lemon placed in the works well too!) Wrap tightly place in the oven at 190 / gas 5 for two hours! serve and slice with creamy risotto or barely or with a nice piece of salmon! 🙂

whole roasted celeriacwhole roasted celeriac