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Pies and Puds – Recipe Review

The most homely satisfying and warming dish – easily brought out for special occasions! Although I can’t take you through the exact ingredients of the recipe but I shall give you a good review of it – My husband gave it 5* and wolfed it down for our anniversary!  The recipe is from Paul Hollywoods Pies and Puds – my current food bible!

On another note I have just sent off my ‘Oh Comely’ Christmas swap box (as mentioned in a previous post) really looking forward to receiving one in return!

Sausage PlaitSausage Plait

Beautifully caramised onions made with brown sugar and butter…
Sausage PlaitSausage Plait

Whizzed up mushrooms fried down with thyme…

Sausage Plait

Layered the mushroom paste followed by sausage meat mixed with black pudding then caramelised onions all placed on a piece of puff pastry.

Sausage PlaitSausage Plait

Scored the puff pastry then wrapped up like a plait…

Sausage PlaitSausage Plait

Covered in sesame seeds…..

Sausage Plait Sausage Plait

Then baked till beautifully golden….yum!!

Sausage PlaitSausage Plait

For the full recipe have a look at Paul Hollywoods Pies and Puds….its so good!! now Im off to make granola….