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Its been a busy few months so let me fill you in…

Hello!! I have had the most busy three months working at the tea room, Christmas and various other celebrations – unfortunately its meant my blog has been put on hold due to a whole lack of time on my hands! (My new years resolution -better time management from now on!)

I hope you have had the most wonderful christmas and new year celebrations – I certainly have visiting family, friends, eating and drinking a plenty and not forgetting a new arrival in the kitchen…….

Kitchen AidThanks to my husband, parents and in-laws I now have the most fantastic Kitchen Aid!! Thank you!! 🙂 Having only ever had an electric whisk this is bliss – I can just simply add the ingredients, push the switch and off we go, baking perfection… ok I’m sure its not perfect but this is my latest…

Almond and Apricot Cake..

Almond and apricot cake Almond and apricot cakeIts gluten free and much lower in fat (no butter or oil) instead butternut squash! Yum! (recipe taken from Harry Eastwood’s Red Velvet and Chocolate Heartache) An amazing book (present from my aunt and uncle)!!

And now for the part thats taken up the most of my time…

Sally’s Tea Room

 The vintage style tea room called ‘Sallys’ in the old Post office in Warrick Bridge, Carlisle, Cumbria. After much redecoration, sweat and tears we had our grand opening took place on the 15th of november. It was a fab night full of cakes, bakes, tea and coffee all served on fine vintage china.

 The tea room is owned by Sally Longstaff and I am her baking assistant along with three other members of staff. So far it has been a successful and eventful eleven weeks in which we have been open – gaining lots of lovely regulars into the cafe along with a few interesting characters which certainly make some days very memorable!!  All the staff are all lovely and most are slightly mad so the hours working in cafe seem to fly by at an astonishing rate filled with a fair bit of laughter! All seems a bit too good to be true!?! Well its not – tho we have had a near disaster on the saturday just before christmas – ‘a one off event’ so the environmental agency have informed us!

One evening I had the fright of my life Glancing down at my mobile just as the final applause came from the audience of a musical I was watching, (in which my husband was the musical musical director for) I noticed a text which read something along the lines of  “A friend of mine was passing the cafe there is a lot of water and it looks like its been flooded”. As I’m sure you can imagine my heart missed a beat if not two as I read that and quickly marching out of the theatre looking a distinct shade paler . When I finally got there, the scene looked something like this..(hard to make anything out as it was 11pm at night but there definitely shouldn’t be any water!)FloodTwo Farmers arrived with silage tanks and removed four tanks worth then finally the fire brigade arrived and started pumping huge quantities of the water away from the cafe – its just thanks to a combination of both and a bit of luck that we didn’t actually get fully flooded, just a a few puddles in the seating area!! I can’t tell how much of a relief it was to be open again (later than planned) but none the less open that that following monday!

So here are a few quick pictures of our lovely tea room… so if your in the area pop in and have some cake!!

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