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Hello Wildlife!

Finally thought I might finally sit down and update my blog – as I have the evening to myself! I should really be baking for friday and saturdays charity event or perhaps sort out the mountain of paperwork / invoicing thats looking longing at me…But No! That can wait for once, they’re not exactly going anywhere are they?!

I hope you are all enjoying spring? Once again my garden has sprung up and last years plants are HUGE! I should really read a gardening book and plant them a little further apart so they are not all battling against each other in the strive for sunlight- but that would just take the fun away! Anyway I like the higgledy piggledy cottage garden style- especially as it attracts soo many bees, birds and various other insects! Unfortunately our birds are particularly camera shy most of the time (or I am a little too noisy!)- Nutthatch, finch, green finch, gold finch, chaffinch, great tit, blue tit, wood pecker, blackbird..and our new swallows nest…

Dragon fly Iris Iris Moth Garden 2014 Garden 2014 Chives Lavender Garden 2014 Garden 2014 Garden 2014 Red Pol Finch Fledgling Garden 2014
Garden 2014

So much to tell and not enough time time – Spain, santa samena parades,
baking..another post maybe – Il keep this one short and sweet! 🙂