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Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye

Last week we undertook an adventure! Well a road trip to be more precise, but it felt like more of an adventure!! We travelled up to the Isle of Skye on Friday after work (timed so we would miss all of the rush hour traffic) roughly taking around six and a half hours. I was quite amused when friends asked “Are you not bothered about traveling on friday the thirteenth?’ the answer was always a resounding no! Truth be told I’m not superstitious at all – as far as I’m concerned if something’s going to go wrong it will and there’s nothing we can do about it! We just have to get on and move on! Well that was all fine, ready and packed just waiting for our friends (Alison and Ian) to join us. Shortly after settling down to a cup of tea (lemsip for Ben as he had come down with man-flu!) the phone rang – they were pulling over as they had a flat tyre on the M6  enroute to us….great start to the holiday! It was just a red herring having checked the pressures all four tyres were fine we think the fella who had recently fitted the tyres must not have attached the sensors properly…phew!

It took us around 8 hours in total to reach Skye – plus about fifteen minutes to find the house after taking some dodgy wrong turns and ending up in a farm. Much easier to find the house in daylight! As we arrived in the house we were surprised to find that at -2 the outside was warmer than the house – (I don’t think anybody had stayed there in a while) so we manically rushed round turning on, and up, every heater and fan heater, heated blankets you name it in the house and huddled around the fire before exhaustedly turning in for bed.IMG_3840

That morning looking out of the window of the quirky and quaint cottage you realised quite where you were! No wonder the cottage was so cold the ground was white with a very hard frost and the views – well they were just spectacular!! Our cottage was located on the furthest point on the Minginish Peninsula, meaning that you were looking right over cliffs into the sea perfect for capturing amazing sunsets…DSC_0066

Anyway I’ll stop boring you with all the travelling and on to some photos..

We visited the beautiful Fairy pools…mesmerizing with its turquoise waters that are so clean you can drink them! The walk takes up most of the day with it being an eight or nine mile walk if you carry on right to the top – definitely worth it.Fairy Pools Skye Fairy Pools Skye

And the food..well what can I say!IMG_4871

The Quiraing..beautiful and unusual natural rock formations with the bonus of having (if you enjoy driving) most fantastic windy steep road to get there..The Quiraing, Skye

Old Man of Storr – we only made it so far up to the top but were battled back with the gale force winds, rain, hail and snow. The views looking out were fantastic across rugged fells, lakes and then out to sea. Old Man of Storr Old Man of Storr

Seals at Dunvegan Castle – this photograph was taken by Ian who has a longer lens than mine – fantastic isn’t it? All my camera would pick up were black dots in the water! They are fantastically curious animals getting gradually closer the more you called /waved at them then swimming off if you dared look away!15622_10155310103485595_5315263641149030708_n  IMG_3838

I cant wait to return to Skye – I would perhaps pick a warmer and slightly more modern house to stay in next time but keep everything else the same. It was lovely to properly see the island when it is not full of tourists and not to be queuing everywhere. But alas I have missed the best bits of Skye for me out – coming up on the next post…