A little bit about me..


About me 

Who am I?: I’m Charlotte in my late 20,s living and working hard in beautiful north Cumbria, England.

My Blog: Its basically a way of keeping track of all of my explorations of food. Its been a long running personal challenge to cook as much as possible from scratch and have a healthier diet. I personally find food can often have an effect on your skin, moods, weight, migraines and medication etc. As much as I love baking Im trying to find a balance so lots of salads if I am going to indulge in something a little bit sweeter! Of which I often do…

This blog is also used to share a small slice of my passion for creativity in between working! Having studied at art college I like just about anything hands on creative, cooking, gardening along with a touch of web design for good measure.

I hope you enjoy having look around – feel free to post any comments or suggestions!

Charlotte 🙂

1 thought on “A little bit about me..”

  1. hey ….toffee and pecan roulade OMG just love it will definitely try ur recipe

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