Chicken Enchilada Spaghetti


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Blog Inspiration!

Searching on the internet I found this amazing Blog She Cooks, She Eats – great inspiration for my three month challenge! So saturday night I tried the Chicken Enchilada Spaghetti and it tasted so good, not only am I recommending it, we had it again on Sunday night! We made only one change – no cumin as neither of us are keen on that particular spice.

Chicken Enchilada Spaghetti

Chicken Enchilada SpaghettiChicken Enchilada SpaghettiChicken Enchilada SpaghettiChicken Enchilada SpaghettiYum yum – heres the recipe…

Tonight we shall be trying the low fat lasagne on her blog…


February Challenge – forget resolutions, it starts now!!!


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My February – April challenge…


So its the first of February and I have to say it’s truly miserable here, rain, rain, oh and lots more blooming rain!! Although spring is arriving with lots of snow drops, pansies in full bloom, violas, my sage has come to life and my rose hasn’t stopped flowering since last may! (I’m slightly worried it thinks its something else entirely!) So I think its about time I set my self a new challenge this February with the deadline of April – to loose a further stone -with the bonus of if I do it on here I am surely more likely to achieve the results I desire!

Last year if you read my previous posts I started doing Zumba or a walk every morning at 6:30am with a few neighbours which lasted right up until I started work at the cafe in November. During that time I lost well over a stone in weight and have kept it off. Unfortunately as I now have to leave the house  by 6:45am I can no longer fit in the walk before showering etc. (unsurprisingly no neighbour wants to walk with me at 5:30am!!)  So, inspired by a friend (also has an under active thyroid) who has lost nearly 2 stone since october using slimming world, I am going to try their recipes along with other bloggers slimming world friendly recipes.

Please let me know if you have any recommended recipes or bloggers – so far I have seen a blog called amazing inspiration! Roll on the rest of February I shall let you know how I get on! 🙂

Sticky Chocolate Rose Cake


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A new sticky chocolate cake recipe

Sticky chocolate rose cake I found this recipe in one of my recipe folders, torn out of a magazine so Im not entirely sure where it originated from! Its supposed to be baked in a 900g loaf tin – I can tell you not only does the mixture not fit in the loaf tin but in fact makes a large full size cake, I was hoping for a much smaller cake as there is only two of us lol! Looks like there will be some major sharing with others…. fancy a taste??

Sticky chocolate rose cake

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Chicken and Chorizo One-pot


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A firm favourite in our house

This recipe is a regular favourite here so my husband tells me just incase I could ever possibly forget! Its the perfect pick me up at this time of year especially if you have a cold or are in just need of being warmed up – like a big cosy hug and very low on washing up!Chicken and chorizo one-pot

Chicken and Chorizo one pot

serves 4
3 chicken breasts diced
1 large onion chopped
100g chorizo sliced
2 red or orange peppers sliced
a good sprinkling of cayenne pepper
a good sprinkling of smoked paprika
150ml white wine (optional if not just increase stock)
250g long grain rice
400g tin of tomatoes
450ml chicken stock

Look out a hob friendly casserole dish or a large sauce pan and drizzle with oil placing on a medium heat. Add the chicken and fry for 5 mins until just nearly cooked then remove from the pan.
Add the onions, chorizo and peppers cooking until just softened through. Add the chicken followed by the spices and wine cooking for a further 5 mins.
Once the five minutes are up add the rice tomatoes and stock, cover and cook for 20 – 25 minutes until the rice is cooked through stirring occasionally. (you may need to add a touch more water towards the end)

Enjoy served hot with a dollop of creme fraiche on top. Also superb served cold on a bed of salad – thats lunch sorted for tomorrow! 🙂

Im back and armed with a Kitchen Aid!!


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Its been a busy few months so let me fill you in…

Hello!! I have had the most busy three months working at the tea room, Christmas and various other celebrations – unfortunately its meant my blog has been put on hold due to a whole lack of time on my hands! (My new years resolution -better time management from now on!)

I hope you have had the most wonderful christmas and new year celebrations – I certainly have visiting family, friends, eating and drinking a plenty and not forgetting a new arrival in the kitchen…….

Kitchen AidThanks to my husband, parents and in-laws I now have the most fantastic Kitchen Aid!! Thank you!! 🙂 Having only ever had an electric whisk this is bliss – I can just simply add the ingredients, push the switch and off we go, baking perfection… ok I’m sure its not perfect but this is my latest…

Almond and Apricot Cake..

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Paul Hollywoods Sausage Plait


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Pies and Puds – Recipe Review

The most homely satisfying and warming dish – easily brought out for special occasions! Although I can’t take you through the exact ingredients of the recipe but I shall give you a good review of it – My husband gave it 5* and wolfed it down for our anniversary!  The recipe is from Paul Hollywoods Pies and Puds – my current food bible!

On another note I have just sent off my ‘Oh Comely’ Christmas swap box (as mentioned in a previous post) really looking forward to receiving one in return!

Sausage PlaitSausage Plait

Beautifully caramised onions made with brown sugar and butter…
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My New Recipe Books


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Mad few weeks of cooking decorating and working hard..

It feels like forever since I have posted anything!! I have recently been tied up with so many other things, completely missing out nearly half a month on the bloggershpere! Well there has been no shortage of cooking, plus helping with the decorating of a friends newly opening tea room! Opening night taking place mid this week (tbc) with the formal opening at the end of week where we will be serving teas in pretty vintage china, barrister coffee and plenty of indulgent bakes and cakes! (not forgetting of course the jacket potatoes, crusty baguettes and Panini’s among other things!) I personally can’t wail till we are finally open!

On another note back I have gained three recipe books since my last blog…. thanks to my wonderful hubby!

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Slow Cooker Chutney


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My Slow Cooker Chutney Recipes

Really easy slow chutney! A great recipe if you love making chutneys or a beginner etc but do not have the time to stand over a boiling pan! This recipe which can be put together the night before, and then just before you leave for work place the lid on and leave to beautifully infuse gently caramelising as it cooks! The choice is yours over timing – options are endless and it seems to be quite forgiving!  6 hours or 6 on high plus 10 hours on medium/low or for super slow stick it on medium for 12 -18 hrs stirring occasionally until it is the right consistency!

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Apple and Pecan Strudel


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Light and Crunchy Apple and Pecan Strudel

I found this recipe of Jamie Olivers whilst trying to find a way of using up the last of the wind fall apples. Perfect centre piece covered in icing sugar for entertaining or just treating your self as we are! This is such a quick recipe and although sounds laborious is surprisingly simple to put together! I found one layer of the brown sugar caramelised and the other layer remained fairly crunchy in other parts which works well with the hard pecans and the soft sweet apple. I particularly like the fact that you add fresh chopped apple rather than pre-stewing the apple as I personally think this over sweetens the fruit.

Apple and Pecan Strudel

And of course not forgetting best served hot with coffee or caffe latte ice-cream! Mmm….

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A lovely surprise in the post!


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Oh Comely’s November Care Package Project

Oh comelys swap

I love this idea – your paired up with another random person who enjoys this fab magazine – or not i guess as its open to anyone! I have taken part! Woop!!

So here is how it works…..each person sends a unique parcel –  the parcel criteria…

Something personal. Eg: a favourite family recipe, a good book you’ve just finished, a playlist of your favourite music.

An inspiring snippet. Eg: newspaper clipping, a photo or illustration you love, the lyrics to a song that strike home.

A wintry treat. Eg: a pair of gloves, your favourite tea, a mini hot-water bottle. The spending guide for each box is £10.

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